How does the Wait List work?

If an item is sold out or not available in your size then add your name to the Wait List. Please make sure to include the name of the item you want, the colour and your size. If I'm able to re-stock and produce more of the item, I will email to let you know!

How does 'made to order' work?

If an item is available for 'made to order', this means that the product will be cut and sewn after you place an order. This is a brilliant system as it eliminates waste of unsold stock and means that I'm only producing exactly what's sold. 

This process takes a little bit of time, made to order pieces are normally despatched within 2-4 weeks of placing an order. During this time, you'll be emailed regular updates to keep up to date with how your special piece is coming along. Please read the description on the speficic product page to check the exact timeline. 

Why made to order?

The traditional model of fashion is based on brands/buyers predicting in advance what customers will buy. This results in over producing garments that don’t ever sell and results in a major waste problem. Pre-order or made to order is a much more sustainable model and also more achievable for small independent brands as it doesn’t require buying a large volume of fabric upfront that may never get sold.

The challenge with a made to order model is the wait time for customers. This goes against everything fast fashion has taught us, when we order that item of clothing online, we want it in our hands within days. I totally understand this, however I believe a made to order set up is truly the best for my brand and our planet. Your special K & RE piece will definitely be worth the wait and appreciated that bit more as you know it’s been lovingly handmade just for you!

Special requests?

If you would like any small changes to a product then you can also add this to your request on the Wait List! For example, shortening the garment length, changing the placement of a pocket, etc. Where possible I'm happy to accommodate these requests.

Upcycle your own clothes

If you have any old clothes that you would like made into a new garment with KATRINA & RE then please get in touch! I'm always very happy to discuss bespoke projects and talk about your ideas. Send me an email or Instagram DM for more info!